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Maroco Beta Updates

Maroco Beta Updates
May 16, 2018


We have been updated on the Maroco monitoring function. Naver monitoring function has been added, enabling keyword search, monitoring of my blog and competitors' blog. We also added a dashboard to view Naver and Facebook Instagram status at a glance. Check out our updated features.

1. Dashboard

You can compare Naver search ad rankings, Facebook, and Instagram responses at a glance.

2. Naver Search Ads

You can monitor the search ranking of Naver Power Link and Power Contents on a daily basis. Set your search keywords and corresponding Power Link website addresses and blog addresses.

3. Naver Blog Marketing

You can compare Naver blog rankings with competitors. Set up and check your search keywords and your competitor's Naver blog address.

4. Competitor Analysis

You can compare your KPIs with your competitors. Please set up and check the address of my competitor's Naver blog.

If the Naver function does not work properly, please delete the cookies and try again. If you continue to experience problems, please contact us at

Thank you for using Maroco.

Sentience Maroco Team