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Maroco Open Beta for Instagram Marketers


For Instagram Marketers_

Marketing robot consultant has released an open beta!
Check it out competitive analysis for Instagram Marketers.


1. Instagram Follower Analysis

You can identify the characteristics of your followers, including how popular your followers are,

how likely they are to see your posts, and who are your most popular followers.   



2. Instagram Post Analysis

You can see which posts in your posts are most responsive and when engagement is high. 


3. Competitor Analysis

You can compare KPIs with competitors. 
How engaged are your followers? What is the most influential post? Find out and benchmark it.

4. Instagram Hashtag Analysis
See the number of posts, likes, comments, associated hashtags, and popular posts per hashtag.
You can also find out how much of your competitors are posting on that hashtag,
and what their followers are responding to.

5. Facebook Page Analysis, Competitor Analysis
You can analyze the activity of your fans on your Facebook page.
Compare Facebook page performance with competitors and find out the most engaging posts.

6. Naver Search Ad Ranking, Competitor Analysis
You can determine the search ranking of your website and your blog.
Check out top exposure blogs and compare your blog's performance to your competitors.

7. Dashboard
You can see the marketing performance of each channel compared to competitors at a glance.
(You can now link Instagram, Facebook page, Naver blog)