With a variety of behavioral economics theories,
Sentience understands the customer's psychology
and analyzes its impact on the business.


Knowing "WHY" help to
you build a strategy.

How it works?

01 Select Game Theory Algorithm

Sentience has a library of game theory-based algorithms for analyzing human psychology. Choose an algorithm that fits your business.

02 Parallel Processing Engine

Sentience has a parallel processing engine (FRISK) for applying various algorithms. Since one model does not explain everything, you can try multiple algorithms and get the right result.

03 Apply Analysis Result

The analysis results of each algorithm can be used to identify the characteristics of the customer. Based on the characteristics of the customer, we can recommend the product or target it.

Analyzes customer behavior
based on game theory.

Many solutions have already provided predictions, such as conversion probability and estimated sales, as tools to increase marketing efficiency.
Sentience, however, explains why the conversion is going up and why sales are going down. You need to know WHY to build a strategy.

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