Manage all the channels with one tool, MAROCO.
A powerful platform for optimizing online marketing
and streamlining your business.


Focus on creating creative content.
and leave your report to Maroco!

01 Monitor all the channels
with one tool

Collect data from all channels with one click. You can also collect competitor’s public data and see marketing performance at a glance.

02 Understand your audience

Analyze the activities of your fans and followers. See how many people participate, when they are active, and how popular they are. Create a marketing strategy that fits your followers.

03 Analyze your posts
and improve them

Check out the most engaging social media posts and blog posts. You can see when and how much your followers got engaged when posting. Benchmark the most influential post.

04 Hashtag and
search keyword analysis

See related hashtags, popularity and popular posts of hashtags you are interested in. You can also see search rankings and top exposure competitors on portal site for keywords.

05 Compare marketing
with competitors

Analyze your online marketing performance on Facebook, Instagram, and Naver with your competitors. Compare the response of your followers and the performance of posts with competitors. Benchmark your posts with competitors who are highly engaged.

06 Save time
with ready-made reports

Save time by printing reports with performance index and graphs. You can also subscribe to a report regularly by email on the day you want.