Social media

Get a glimpse into how your customers
respond to social media

See the responses of customers about
your posts at a glance in social media.
Spend less time
you’ve wasted on
collecting scattered information and focus
on creative marketing content.

“There was a limit on Instagram Insight,
but MAROCO can show posts with high
engagement, which was very convenient.”

Sunny Lee, Merchandising at Meesig

Facebook page analysis

By analyzing the characteristics of your
Facebook page fans,
you can see how
much reaction and engagement you
have had.
You can also identify high-
responsive and high-engaging posts
develop strategies for improving future

Competitor analysis

Compare your competitor or
benchmarking target social media
account with your account. You can
improve your competitive
edge by
objectively evaluating marketing status
and referring to
highly responsive posts
of competitors.

Instagram account analysis

Learn about Instagram followers’
activities, influence, and more
develop marketing strategies based on
their characteristics.
You can also
analyze high-response and high-
postings to produce better

Instagram hashtag analysis

See hashtag trends by examining the
posts for each Instagram
hashtag. See
popular posts and related hashtags to
your followers more and see
how your competitors use