Trend Report

Discover what cosmetic procedures are popular
in which marketing channel in Korea.
You can set up a promotion strategy
with trends analyzed by Maroco.


Monitor cosmetic procedure trends
At a glance with Maroco!

01 Identify the trend of keywords
by channel

- Keyword report

Discover the trend of keywords related to cosmetic procedures by marketing channel. You can see how many people are searching, how many posts and blogs are coming up, what are top contents, and how popular they are.

02 Monitor other clinic's promotions

- Promotion report

How much other hospitals and clinics are advertising about the procedures? You can monitor promotions in medical & beauty mobile apps.

03 Sending reports weekly

PDF Reports with trend index and graphs are sent weekly. You can also do a variety of analysis with raw data.

04 Rich keyword pool

Maroco has data on various cosmetic procedure keywords. You can compare trends among keywords.

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